Most of us has a job interview or two under the belt. Some of us handle the stress that comes with a job interview better than others. Be that as it may, we all know that scary feeling and the cold sweat breaking out on your forehead as you walk into the room where the interview will be held.

It is therefore vitally important to prepare for each interview. But how do you prepare for it?

Below follows a list of issues an interviewer would touch on one way or another during the interview:

1) Can you do the job?

This is probably the most obvious question of all. However, this is a complicated one. On a basic level, there are certain technical skills that apply to any position. Interviewers are interested to find out if you have the necessary skills to be able to start working from day one. Even more so, they would want to know if you have used those skills before in your previous jobs.

2) Do you have a positive attitude?

Even if you have all the skills necessary to be successful in a certain position your application may often be unsuccessful because you do not necessarily exude the right attitude. Such is the importance of this aspect that a positive attitude would sometimes convince interviewers of a candidate’s suitability even if the candidate does not necessarily have all the technical skills.

3) Do you fit in with the culture?

“Fitting in” is often a difficult one to determine. However, interviewers often try to establish whether you would fit in with the company culture and whether you would belong. It often comes down to whether your skills and personality complement those of your potential colleagues.

4) Do you know the company?

The interviewer will definitely try to find out if you have made an effort to find out more about the particular company and if you understand what they do and what they stand for.

5) Do you really want the job?

It often happens that candidates simply go for interviews to keep their options open or to hone their interview skills, or even to get an offer to use as leverage to convince the current employer to grant them an increase.

So, be honest in your replies and show that you are really interested in the position and have a real interest in the company and the employer’s interests.





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